Friday, January 1, 2010

twenty ten ;)

Hello ladies! Well first off i want to say HAPPY NEW YEARS! 2010 yay...
09' wasn't a good year for me but hey it's a new year & i 'm leaving 09' in the past.

New Years Resolutions;
001. be a better person :)
002. get a job asap
003. get my licenses and a car (no more asking for rides)
004. lose weight
005. compete my GED
006. & to have a awesome year

so what's your new years resolutions ?

im leaving to mexico with family in a couple hours.. it gonna be a road trip i live in the bay area so we'll be driving all day. we will be there for a couple days the were off to vegas babyyy.. i'll post pictures when i get back. have good one everybody toodles ..

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  1. Hope you had a great new years and have a blast in mexico! Haha, I need to get a job for the new years too, lol. Good luck on your license!