Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Barbie Dream House

I've been been much of a barbie fan but check out these pictures. What do you think about em? I was really feeling the vanity and bedroom tho. The others are ughhh not my style.


  1. The barbie art piece to hang on the wall caught my eye - it's interesting (wouldn't buy it though personally). I like the white sofa/lounge chair in the second last picture you posted. The bedroom and vanity is nice but it's a bit too rouge for my's one of those things that are nice to look at but can't see myself in. Do you know what I mean?! LOL

  2. The bedroom is so beautiful, but the rest is abit too over the top, although my daughter might like :p

  3. we love the barbie themed phase thats taking place in everything right now....clothes, music, house decor, etc...its so hawwwt!