Sunday, October 11, 2009

1st MAC Purchase

hello ladies. . well yesterday i went to the mall and got my first mac purchase ;) i got matched up and i am an nc35. so all i got was studio fix fluid in nc35, msf natural in medium dark, 187 and 150 brushes
i wanted to get my makeup done also but there were only 3 mac girls there booo
i was already waiting for hella long to get matched up then she was like ohh i got an appointment or what ever so i was waiting then she was like you been waiting for a while now so ill just match you up real quick. i was with my niece and she didnt want the mac girl to touch me aha she's soo cute. my niece was just jealous she's only four years old and already loves makeup forreal tho aha she wanted to get her makeup done. well thats it for now, im officially an mac addict. im already broke now im going to be broke-er aha


  1. awesome haul! I remember my first mac when i graduated high school. My first brush was mac217.

  2. omg girl im an NC35 too.. but i havent had the gut to buy some studio fix powder foundation.. i cant wait to buy some stuff from mac =) GREAT HAUL =)

  3. Great haul. I love the MSF natural and I have mine in medium dark as well! I haven't tried the studio fix fluid yet but it'll be the next MAC foundation I'm getting....let me know how you like the MAC187. I have one and I barely use it - some people say it's great to apply foundation with it but I can't seem to get a good coverage with it :(

  4. that's a great beginning for mac. :D
    I'm NC35 too, but I use studio sculpt.

  5. I got the Mac foundation too, and its very good!